Golf Design

The design philosophy at the base of the study leading to the design of a golf course is that for which the great architect Donald Ross argued that a site to be studied should essentially be read correctly, interpreted in its potential, without ever applying golf landscape models vested. It’s the professional skill of the golf designer to pull out the best golf course with those topographic, soil-climatic features, reading the golf course that already appears under the designer’s eye.
Dr. Paolo Luongo is inspired by the English design philosophy where the landscape is at the center of the project and where whole hills are just the fruit of the pushing marketing of the other side of the ocean-going designers who intend to propose fields from the increasingly unprofitable costs.

The final result is golf courses that can be achieved within the allocated budget. The game is pleasurable, technically high, effortless, good for both members and tourists with easy and cost effective maintenance, attracting sponsors and especially working on the international golf market.